Eyjafjallajokull from an icelander

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For those who haven't had 'enough already' on the pronunciation of that Icelandic glacier, the tricky sound is the last one, which is a voiceless lateral affricate, a relatively common sound in the world's languages (it occurs in Nahuatl, Chippewyan, Tlingit and others). It's basically a combination of a t-sound (voiceless alveolar stop) with a lateral release (an l-like sound, but voiceless). Since the combination of t-l is impossible in English, native speakers find it hard to deal with, especially at the beginning or ending of a word.
Since Icelandic is a different language, with different phonemes, Truspel can't describe front rounded vowels [y]as in German Hütte and [œ] as in French peur, not to mention preaspirated stops (p,t,k preceded by a real h-sound).


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> Eyjafjallajokull
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSo_ND41-6g&feature=player_embedded
> How to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull (a message from an Icelander) on
> youtube.
> I hear him say:  ~Aeyaafyetlaayoekookh  (in truespel)
> With
> ~ae as in Mae,
> ~aa as in �ah�,
> ~yet as in �yet�,
> ~oe as in �toe�
> ~kookh as in �cook� but with the ~kh as an aspirated ~k.
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> see truespel.com phonetic spelling
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