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#$%@#$!! Primitive e-mail systems.
The easiest thing is to go to the Wikipedia entry, since any browser worth its salt will render Unicode characters correctly.


I actually turned html off on my fancy web-based Zimbra e-mail system, and sent everything in plain text, and it was rendered correctly in Courier font. But some folks are stuck with e-mail clients that do things like =CB and =88 instead of left square bracket, primary stress etc.


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> For those whose e-mail clients can support IPA, it's transcribed this
> way:<br><br>
> [=CB=88ei=CB=90jafjatlaj=9C=CB=90k=CA=8Ftl=CC=A5]</font></blockquote><br>
> How would you do it for those whose e-mail clients do not?<br><br>
> Joel<br><br>
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