Rocks for Jocks, etc. (UNCLASSIFIED)

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At 2:25 PM -0400 4/26/10, Baker, John M. wrote:
>         "Darkness at Noon" presumably is a reference to the Arthur
>Koestler novel of that name, a popular choice in undergraduate courses.
>"Nuts and Sluts" is a nickname for Abnormal Psychology.  Unlike "Rocks
>for Jocks," I don't understand either of these necessarily to imply a
>crip course.
>John Baker

Until it lost its accreditation as a science credit course and thus
its modus vivendi, a popular elective in the Yale Women's, Gender and
Sexuality Studies Program course officially named "Biology of Gender
and Human Sexuality" was offered every year under the unofficial
moniker of "Porn in the Morn".


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>>>From a recent P. J. O'Rourke essay:
>" We sit once more packed into the vast, dreary confines of a freshman
>survey course-"Rocks for Jocks," "Nuts and Sluts," "Darkness at Noon." "
>I recognize "Rocks for Jocks" as a derisive name for Geology 101 in the
>form of a crip course which would be an easy elective "A".  But I don't
>get the other references.  Context would seem to indicate that they,
>too, are crip courses.  What are they?
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