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On Language By William Safire New York Times Jul 20, 1980;  pg. SM2 col
"More recent examples are astronomy's "Stars for Studs," art's "Nudes
for Dudes," psychology's "Nuts and Sluts," European civilization's
"Plato to NATO," anthropology's "Monkeys to Junkies" and comparative
religion's "Gods for Clods."  Students of linguistics engage in "Blabs
in Labs."  Courses on the art of film are referred to "Monday Night at
the Movies;" music appreciation is "Clapping for Credit," and any
science course aimed at liberal-arts students includes a technocrat's
derogation of the generalist as "Physics for Poets." "

This essay is full of college slang and is worth reading if you are
interested in the subject.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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