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"Born with" does not mean that the condition is genetically linked.
And, unless it is genetically linked, it is not hereditary. But it is
congenital. Congenital heart defect is not inherited. Nor is
congenital atrophy.

>From Wiki:

> According to the CDC most _birth_defects_ are believed to be caused by a complex mix of factors including genetics, environment, and behaviors,[1] though many birth defects have no known cause.

This is only one type of congenital defect--other types are all
non-genetic and not heritable.

An example of heritable congenital disorder/defect is congenital
metabolic disorder.


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> Baldness is inherited through the female parent.
> AM
> (And, LH, is =/=  *not* equal?  [congenital is not hereditary, but
> acquired in gestation])
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