"Wop" in 1908?

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Joel S. Berson wrote
> Subject:      Re: "Wop" in 1908?
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> At 4/28/2010 09:20 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>>Good one.
>>Cleveland *and* N.Y. within a few months?
> I wonder -- Where was the marathon conducted?  Is the Cleveland
> article a reprint from somewhere else, e.g. New York?
> Perhaps this is less significant since earlier dates -- 1906 instead
> of 1908 -- have been discovered.
> Joel

The 1908 article says at the beginning "BY PLAIN DEALER'S LEASED
WIRE". The dateline is "NEW YORK, Dec. 15"

Here is an excerpt giving the setting:

... The scene that followed Dorando's other dramatic failure in the
London stadium was as nothing to that which was witnessed in Madison
Square garden tonight when the little Italian toppled over at the
27th-st turn ...

Sorry I did not give more extensive excerpts to show the original
setting. This 1908 article perhaps shows the dissemination of the

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