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Are you assuming that I spent _any_ time on a basketball court?  That
would be so wrong (I'm 5'6").

I mostly remember it while throwing Frisbees (a sport in which many
mistakes were made, at least in my peer group, and "my bad" was the way
of owning up to a bad throw, rather than suggesting that the catcher was
the one who had no skillz.)

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> At 4/30/2010 02:18 PM, victor steinbok wrote:
> >But even beyond that, pick-up basketball games in the 1970s and the
> >early 1980s, at least, were a melting pot of sociolects.
> But were there "ringers", travelling pickup basketball players, who
> peripatated from, say, Brooklyn to Nashville, and brought bad with
> them?
> Joel
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