flip, bounce (drinks); coaster (coastal sailor); 1702

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By Tavern Fires, tales are told.
Coasters and Boat-men get together,
When they do stay for Wind or Weather:
Some ask a Dram when first come in,
Others with Flip or Bounce begin;
Tho' some do only call for Beer,
and that i'th' morn is but mean chear.

Samuel Clough.
The New-England Almanack For the Year of our Lord, MDCCII ...
Boston: Printed by B. Green and J. Allen.
Unpaged (and I didn't observe folio numbers); appears on December page.  [EAI]

"Flip", n.1, sense 2., "A mixture of beer and spirit sweetened with
sugar and heated with a hot iron.", interdates 1695 -- 1709.
"Bounce" = some kind of alcoholic drink, not in OED.
"Coaster" sense 1, interdates a1642 -- 1841.  (Unless the Nov. 2010
version has suppressed some additional quotations!)


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