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> As has been discussed on ADS-L--and just about everywhere else--there
> are multiple spellings of "bupkis". However, "bupkis" is the OED head
> spelling (with variants b[o/u][b/p]k[e/i/u]s[s]).
> Barry Popik has a post in the archives from May 17, 1999:
> > The RHHDAS has this Liebling citation under _bupkis_(1942). Is it
> > _bubkis_ or _bupkis_, 1941 or 1942?...ANGLISH/YINGLISH has "BUHPkis
> > Literally, beans" on pg. 19. DREK! has "Bobkes (BUB-kis)--literally,
> > goat turds" on pg. 23. Bubkis, bupkis, beans, goat turds--let's call
> > the whole thing off!

And Stephen Goranson has taken "bupkis" back to 1937 in the ADS-L

_Catalogue of Copyright Entries Part 3:  Musical Compositions 1919 Vol
14 #13_ Washington, DC:  Government Printing Office, 1920  p 2218
lists a song by Rudy Wiedoeft called "Bupkis", registered between Jan
and Dec 1919:


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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