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Ronald Butters asked:
> Does anyone find PINK TACO an obscene name for a restaurant?

One or more people consider the name offensive as revealed by the
controversy about the restaurant in 2006. There is a Pink Taco
Restaurant in the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, and it opened a branch in
Scottsdale, Arizona. The Arizona Republic reported that a resident was

Resident Mary Beth Hollman said she objected to the name because "it
is offensive to women."

Ronald Butters asked:
What about TUBE STEAK for a hot-dog stand?

There may be one husband who is offended by the name.

Whenever my husband and I come to BC I always say I want to find one
of those Tube Steak stands, or I need a Tube Steak. They have since
changed it to Hot Dog stands. I just get a kick out of annoying him
saying Tube Steak. …

There is at least one consumer in Vancouver who was not offended.

Mr. tube steak, wow doesn't that sound  dirty??? well it's not..
It's a freaking hot dog stand, and a delicious one at that!!! you
think Seattle has hot dog stands that has aroma for days.. well Mr.
tube steak will kick it's ass!! …

Below is a link to a website with a picture. Here is one caption:

This kid was not happy about posing in front of the Mr. Tube Steak hot dog stand

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