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modest number of hits for "loinal area" and "loinal region", for instance this comment on a blog:

I like cris mainly because when he is naked the orangey fuzz which surrounds his loinal area is very pleasing. I also admire the noises he makes instead of speaking.

and this one on "worst baseball injuries":

2) "Cup check!" If you've ever played baseball before you've feared these words. The smash to the loinal region that follows is not something to be desired. Unfortunately for Chris Snyder, he never got a warning. The D-Backs' catcher took a foul tip straight to the (insert slightly comical but over used phrase for male genitalia here) which resulted in a...wait for it...fractured testicle.

Urban Dictionary has "loinal" 'sexual' (a natural semantic extension):

Of, or pertaining to, the loins.

(Used mostly for humorous exaggerations as a replacement for sexual)

John's deep, almost loinal, love of pie made him order yet another slice.

(searching on "loinal" by itself pulls up a huge number of hits for LOINAL as a misspelling of the name LIONEL)

and then there's this oddity, from someone whose knowledge of anatomical vocabulary is none too sure:

When it comes to self-absorption, I’ve always been a ‘lay in bed and contemplate my navel’ kind of guy. But, since getting married, I’ve learned that appearances matter and it’s much harder to examine my navel and pretend to work lying in bed.

So, slowly but surely, I’ve transitioned to the computer and used the internet to meet my loinal needs (not sure where exactly the navel is located but I suspect it’s somewhere in the loinal region). I’ve learned –through facebook and Amazon sales rankings, and google searches– that I can actually be far more self-absorbed with an hour on the internet than I can with three hours lying in bed thinking about myself.
  http://www.noonetime.com/come-with-me-if-you-want-to-live/ (May 10, 2010)


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