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David Barnhart dbarnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Sat Dec 4 16:44:59 UTC 2010

In a cursory examination of one etymology (_hero_) I've noticed:

(1)    More readably uniform Greek alphabet

(2)    Expansion of language name abbreviations (e.g. L becomes Latin, Gr.
becomes Greek, Sp. becomes Spanish, etc.)

(3)    Expansion of such other abbreviations (e.g. cf. becomes compare, pl.
becomes plural, obs. becomes obsolete, and Cotgr. becomes Cotgrave, c. [for
century] becomes cent.).

(4)    The use of ad. (meaning "adapted from") becomes <

No doubt there are many more, such as Antiq. becomes Hist. at the beginning
of def. 1, the grouping of citations with their respective forms in the
"Compounds", formerly called "attrib and comb."  Note the change also from
comb. to compounds.

Most of these are helpful to those who have not grown up on the print
version of the OED.


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