Request: Match p-l-y in 1756 document

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sun Dec 5 00:04:07 UTC 2010

"Parliamentary captains" of Royal Navy warships, and put into the
mouths of "French captains ... in the last war"?  Doesn't seem likely to me.

(That "last war" must be the War of the Austrian Succession,
1740-1748, since the Seven Years' War started -- for Europe; the
article of the quotation starts off about Minorca and Admiral Byng --
in the 1756 of the article.)

Certainly personal names were censored in English and colonial
publications of this period, as a perceived way of avoiding being
sued for libel.  Unfortunately, I can't recall if I've ever seen
"Parliament", or other institutions, dashed.  Dam-ed, perhaps ...


At 12/4/2010 03:51 PM, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>The context suggests consideration of "Parliamentary".
>(Why censored? Maybe it was illegal to refer to certain governmental
>entities in certain ways? Somewhat comparable censored words are
>apparent in other parts of this book and in other texts of the time [I
>-- Doug Wilson
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