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At 4:36 PM -0500 12/5/10, Wilson Gray wrote:
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>I'm on sixes and sevens WRT to the representation in eye-dialect.
>Certainly, _day-ed_ is a *vast* improvement over the traditional
>_daid_, for people totally unfamiliar with the native pronunciation.
>[Yes, I *see* the way that it's spelled. But it's *still* not
>pronounced in the same way as "Dade"!] However, *I* prefer the
>spelling, _day-id_. ;-)

I agree that "Dade" isn't right for "dead" in Mississipean.  Call me
over-charitable, but I assumed the _day-ed_ phonetic spelling was
intended to be understood as "day" followed immediately by "Ed" (or
"ed" as in editor), so very close to "day-id", and not at all close
to "Dade".


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