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If anyone cares, this piece predates the OED earliest citation for
"hyphenated adj. 2." by 4 years. Of course, the fact that Farmer (1893)
already had "hyphenated America" under "slang" indicates that there
should be even earlier references.

I found the original N&Q 1852 piece cited for "hyphenated 1." but was
unable to find any earlier cites.

On 12/6/2010 9:03 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> ...
> The Deseret Weekly. July 6, 1889
> Letter from Junius. June 24, 1889
>> The /Daily News /speaks of the Cronin case as follows:
>> "A fresh illustration of the vice of hyphenated American citizenship
>> is afforded by the protest of the 'British - American Association,'
>> directed at the President and Secretary of State for the appointment
>> of Patrick Egan to the post of United States minister to Chili. Not
>> that the appointment does not call for protest and denunciation; it
>> was, on the contrary, one wholly unfit to be made. But it should be
>> protested against and denounced by American citizens from the
>> standpoint of American citizenship, pure and simple. The
>> 'British-American' standpoint from which to criticise the national
>> affairs of this country is as foreign and out of place as Is the
>> 'Irish-American' or 'GermanAmerican.'
> ...

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