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Oops!  For the first time in my life, I posted a message to the completely wrong list serv by mistake.  I apologize, although maybe some people on this list will find the posting to be of some interest.

Fred Shapiro

From: Shapiro, Fred
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 3:53 PM
Subject: "Representing Justice": Exciting Book & Exciting Website

I am happy to publicize an exciting book publishing event connected to our library, and an exciting web site created by our library related to the book.  The book is the long-awaited "Representing Justice" by Judith Resnik and Dennis Curtis, two of our faculty members.  It is the third book in the Yale Law Library Series in Legal History and Reference, published by Yale University Press with me as the series editor.  This is a tour de force examining the remarkable long run of the icon of Justice, the woman with scales and sword.

Resnik and Curtis also trace the development of public spaces dedicated to justice, i.e., courthouses, and how this development has reflected and shaped the evolution of adjudication itself and the intimate relationship between the courts and democracy.  The book is visually stunning, with over 200 magnificent color illustrations.

To support "Representing Justice," Camilla Tubbs, Jason Eiseman and Mike Widener of the Yale Law Library have created a website, the first component of our Document Collections Center:


The Yale Law School Library Document Collection Center will publish discrete collections of research material collected by the library.  Some collections are related to faculty publications the library worked on, some collections come from in-house digitization projects, and others have been collected as part of other law school projects.  We look forward to adding additional collections and enhancements in the future, including a powerful cross-collection search.

For "Representing Justice," the document collection includes information about the book, fascinating images from the book and from related volumes in our library collection, and information about a "Representing Justice" course being taught this spring by Resnik and Curtis.

Fred Shapiro
Associate Librarian for Collections and Access
Lillian Goldman Law Library
Yale Law School

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