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Thu Dec 9 18:56:01 UTC 2010

At 9:17 AM +0000 12/9/10, Michael Quinion wrote:
>Paul Frank wrote:
>>  A new adjective: WikiLeakable. Or wikileakable.
>The print Guardian this morning has the verb in a letter ("Those who've
>been WikiLeaked may not exactly confirm the latter") and the corresponding
>adjective has been used several times in online reports, though I haven't
>yet seen it in the print edition ("Akhbar newspaper has an Arab world
>exclusive by getting its hands on a sizeable selection of Wikileaked state
>department cables from across the region"--3 Dec)
I'm partial to "wikileaky" myself.  Over 1000 hits, featuring such
keepers as "Wikileaky National Security" and " wikileaky condoms".
My own partiality is, I admit, of course strongly colored by the
influence of cock-a-leekie soup.  No recipes for wikileaky soup as
such, but there is this:

Recipe: Potato and Wikileaks soup

Potato and Wikileaks Soup serves billions and provides a healthy
alternative to packaged alternatives. Its strong taste is not to
everyone's liking, but it's an excellent compliment [sic] to any dish
featuring raw Democracy. Preparation is difficult, and despite being
made of ingredients protected by law, may lead to arrest.  [and so on]


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