Bad Girls Ride Again (UNCLASSIFIED)

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New, rare, or hard to Google:

"Brandi is Brandi all day. fake."  ("All day" = sincerely and

"There's 'fem,' there's 'stud' (always givin' it, never takin' it), and
there's 'stem' - a little between....I date stud girls and I like
strap-ons."  (Lesbian terminology.)

"Oh! Like a 'shim'!" (Gay guy's recognition of the inspiration
behind "stem.")
"She's the hooker of the house." ("Whore" in the weakened "slut" sense; no
indication of actual prostitution.)

"You don't have to be here. Good riddance. Chug a deuce!"  (UrbanDictionary
suggests that "chuck a deuce" is correct, meaning to "give the finger."
Because the middle finger is the second finger. Used imnperatively, it must
mean "F*** you!" And maybe even "F*** off!" Language is complex.)

"When I jumped up to snatch a bitch, they jumped right up behind me [to
assist]." ("Snatch" = to seize, perh. esp. the hair of, as part of an

"Morgan's not here." "Roger that one!" ("Indeed, and a very good thing it

"Do not disrespect me! You are a big sh*t-eater! Roger that!" ("Indeed you

"Ain't nobody talkin' to you, you barney-ass bitch in your barney-ass
motherfu*ckin' dress!" (Stupid-looking; ridiculous; reminiscent of Barney
Rubble or Barney Fife.)

"Are you and Christina still on?" ("Dating.")

"I'm gonna put you on blast like you got no idea!"  (App. = "drive you away
immediately and permanently.")

"'Cause that's what weak bitches do!"  ("Lame" ones; unhip.)

"At the end of the day, you punked me on national television! You punked me!
You dogged me on national television!" ("Treated me with
contempt; humiliated me; made me look very bad.")

"And then we pull - if I like you." ("Draw close; become friends.")


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> That very one, now that you mention it.
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