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I was going to mention this earlier but did not want to run a separate
post, as it was a minor observation.

> Paul Krugman and others are right in saying that the jobs just aren't
> there. Why then would "Conservatives" in Congress want to inflict that
> kind of pain on their fellow citizens (hurting non-citizens is just an
> added *bennie* -- a twofer!)?

> Cost-benefit analysis? Depends on who's teaching the class. You want
> Newt Gingrich or some clone indoctrinating students?
> Cost-*bennie* analysis assumes that all things can be monetized.
> Cost-effectiveness assumes that we make decisions in a moral vacuum,
> as does cost-bennie analysis. No way to teach those two issues WELL
> without the moral dimension.

> Make sure you include all the mailings, the airfare to everywhere, and
> whatever *bennie's* Ted Stevens is still getting, including legal aid etc.

There was a more recent appearance of "bennie" in the same sense on the
same blog earlier in the week, but it appears to have been edited out.

But note the last one in particular. If "bennie" were treated just like
an ordinary word, there would be no apostrophe. But one place that is
common to use -'s to mark plural is in abbreviations and initialisms
(e.g., CD's). So, it seems, the author distinguished the status of


On 12/11/2010 12:51 PM, Paul Johnston wrote:
> Dear Joel,
> With hedges, yes.  With words,. not really, although you can have front-clippings (examination>  exam) or back-clippings (pizza>  za).  You can even have clippings that involve suffixation too (British breakfast>  brekkie).

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