HSAS and -boo

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I'd agree with Ron's first statement, that HDAS is the best thing around
(with the proviso that I still haven't seen a copy of Jonathan Green's
forthcoming work) but quarrel with the second.  Copies of Volume 1 are quite
obscenely cheap if bought secondhand from abebooks, for instance (I
currently have two), and even Volume 2 is remarkably affordable.  Mine cost
me, I think, $20, in virtually mint condition with the original wrapper.

As to being dated -- well, any print dictionary in this area is dated from
the moment the proofs are sent to the printer -- this simply comes with the
territory.  Farmer and Henley is dated, but I still find myself referring to
their work fairly regularly.

Having said which, and guiltily responding to Jon's earlier comment that no
one reads HDAS, I will now go fill a glaring intellectual lacuna, and read
thoroughly the Introduction to Volume 1, which I should have done long ago.


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> HDAS is the best thing around. I always check it when I am in my home
> office. It is also expensive and unfinished and not online (and
> increasingly dated).
> Isn't -boo/poo a diminutive suffix that can be applied to any noun?
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