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Itchycoo Park, by London East Enders the Small Faces (1966).

Paul Johnston
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> On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 12:35 PM, Ronald Butters <ronbutters at aol.com> wrote:
>>>> Isn't -boo/poo a diminutive suffix that can be applied to any noun?
> I have _ticky-boo_ and _icky-poo_ lurking in the back of my
> thinking-cap. Google prefers _tickety-boo_ and finds both forms of
> what I seem to recall too recent to be as ancient as I think they are.
> I didn't bother to check GB.
> Wasn't there  once a song about a park named "itchy-" or some such
> "-Koo, -Coo, -Poo" or some such? "Chicka-Boo" - clearly meant to be
> onomatopoetic in this case, if you've ever heard it - is the name of
> an old instrumental by the late, Texas jazz pianist, Lloyd Glenn,
> beet-known for that Christmas-tide perennial favorite - amongst the
> bruz & cuz, IAC - "Sleigh-Ride."
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