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Boy is the OED behind the times!  (2nd ed.)  Not
just date, but also definitions.  For the "fishy"
definition, which was what I was interested in --
did it = shrimp, as I wondered? -- the answer
depends on what a Dublin prawn, aka Noway
lobster, is -- and it is dated from 1928. (The
other definition is the preparation, dated from 1930.)


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> > OED has 1928 for scampi (n)
> >
> > _Ironwood [MI] Daily Globe_ Mar 10 1920 p 2 col 5
> >
> > "His favorite dish is "scampi," a small crab-fish found only in the
> > Quarnero."  Later in the article:
> > " "Scampi" is the favorite seafood in practically all of the north
> > Adriatic resorts."
> From a letter dated February 1, 1819:
>"Within this last fortnight I have been rather indisposed with a
>rebellion of stomach, which would retain nothing, (liver, I suppose) and
>an inability, or fantasy, not to be able to eat of any thing with relish
>but a kind of Adriatic fish called 'scampi,' which happens to be the
>most indigestible of marine viands."
>Thomas Moore, ed., The Works of Lord Byron: With his Letters and
>Journals, and his Life, Volume 4, 1947, p. 141. Google Books:
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