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> In many places, people would
> come out year after year and we had _almost cult status_.

Absolutely, Darla!

When I was a child in Marshall, it was the coming of the Clyde Beatty
Circus every year. The railroad tracks were about a block away in
front of our house (in Marshall, the T&P RR track split the colored
part of town in two, instead of separating the colored part from the
white part; actually, it was a branch - as in "bourbon & branch-water"
- there; the RR merely followed its course; once a common railroading
practice, apparently; in the Boston area, an interurban-RR track runs
along the bottom of what was once a trout stream) and the passage of
the circus-train was a major event, only slightly less important than
Juneteenth and the Santa Claus Parade on Christmas Day. Or should that
be, "on Holiday Day"?

In Saint Louis, the local equivalent was the coming of The Royal
American Shows -  better-known amongst the local coloreds as "The

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