Quote: little bridegroom on a wedding cake (Nancy Hale 1943) (applied to Dewey - Ruth Hanna McCormick 1944 June 29)

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I should have emphasized that the book "The Prodigal Women" by Nancy
Hale was originally published in 1942 and not in 1943, I have only
checked the 1943 Sun Dial Press edition on paper at this time. I have
not yet checked the 1942 Scribner's edition on paper. But I have no
reason to think that the 1942 date is inaccurate.

Hence the first use (I know about) of the phrase is in 1942 and not
1943. This allows more time for dissemination.


> Cite: 1943 [Copyright 1942], The Prodigal Women by Nancy Hale, Page
> 406, Sun Dial Press, Garden City, New York. (Google Books snippet;
> Verified on paper in Sun Dial Press edition 1943, Scribner's edition
> is 1942)
> An undersized brown hand was laid on the edge of the backgammon table,
> and they both looked up, startled. A small man stood smiling down. He
> was dapper, like a little bridegroom on a wedding cake. He wore
> glasses attached to a black ribbon that hung slantwise across his
> starched white shirt.
> http://books.google.com/books?id=P5cfAQAAIAAJ&q=dapper#search_anchor

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