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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 19 02:08:51 UTC 2010

This is too weird to make up. I came across the eggcornish expression
"faced pace" in a product review on Amazon. It was a description of a
kids card game and it was obvious that the meaning was "fast paced". It
was immediately obvious that it was not one-off. But I did not expect
the actual scope--there are thousands of raw ghits for both of these. In
fact, just restricting the search to Amazon.com produced 372 actual
distinct ghits for "faced paced" (3360 raw) and 30 actual ghits for
"faced pace" (out of 176 raw). Most of these are in product reviews, but
some are in product descriptions as well.


I don't know what the eggcorn analysis would look like because it makes
no sense to me (which is why I said previously that the criterion for
identifying an eggcorn should not be individual judgment of the
reasonableness of the eggcorn derivative).


PS: Obviously, this is not in the Eggcorn Database (I looked). Although
one could blame the collocation for this formation, the fact that there
two distinct forms undermines this hypothesis--both "fast-pace" and
"fast-paced" get transformed and it's not always clear which one is which.

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