Nominations for WOTYs??

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Tue Dec 21 09:43:04 UTC 2010

I am glad someone mentioned *"demon sheep"*, although it was somewhat
limited in recognition (mostly California and political news junkies).
But a couple of other words and phrases did not make anyone's list. I am
surprised *"repeal"* is completely missing, given how much attention has
been given to DADT repeal over the past month and to the potential
legislative repeal of ACA. And there are a few other "repeals" that have
been circulating--particularly among the teabagging/TeaParty crowd, as
they have at least 5 or 6 Constitutional Amendments they'd like to
repeal. In any case, "repeal" of one form or another has been in the
news all year. And the conditions leading to that are not likely to be
replicated. There is exactly zero chance for actual legislative repeal
of ACA, DADT repeal is a done deal and no one in his right mind is about
to go after the Constitution. So no more repeals in the new year. So,
for my money, it is the very definition of a "word of the year"--one and

But I also want to give a vote for *"austerity measures"*, which has not
been mentioned ("austerity" has) but is bi-continental unlike all other
nominees; also *"junk"* and *"junk shot"*--which make for an interesting
pair considering that they come from entirely different environments.
The former is really *"Don't touch my junk!"* (actually NOT what the
first guy said, but was quickly shortened to that in the news) and the
latter does not appear to be the favorite spill-related term for
everyone else. The latter, of course, has competition from "I'm not a


On 12/21/2010 2:44 AM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
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> Grant has posted early nominations -- from him, me, Wayne Glowka,
> Nancy Friedman, and Joe Clark giving the Canadian perspective:
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