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In my mind, chickens are not necessarily younger than the age of consent, nor necessarily "helpless" and naive. A "chicken hawk" could very well be an older man (or woman) who is drawn to establish (often fleeting) relationships with youths of 18 or so, and the younger person could well be cynically interested in little more than pecuniary (or lifestyle) rewards. The term is also applied to female-female relationships. Since the term arose in the Queer community, it was only rarely applied to cross-sex pairings.

I agree with Larry that "hawk" has connotations of preditoriness, but those overtones bleach out in general use. "Twink hawk" does not work--less because of the connotations of "hawk" (or the haircut) than because the term "queen" is (or was) the usual second part of compounds that identify preferences (toe queen, scat queen, wrinkle queen, etc.). I would say "twink queen" or "twink chaser" (cf. "chubby chaser"). Or "chicken queen."

Larry wrote:

Aren't there affective differences too?  i.e. "chicken" more likely
to be helpless, objects to be taken advantage of, than "twink"?
Somehow "twink hawk" doesn't really evoke the negative implications
of pedophilia that adhered to "chicken hawk", although I concede that
I'm judging off the top of my hat.

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