(Another bogus in?) Google's metadata mish-mash

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Dec 22 23:44:16 UTC 2010

I found a significant number of typos that involved omission of C, X, V
or I in dates on title pages (don't ask how I knew they were wrong--I
could not tell you right now). Contextually, it seems that this is a
classic typo, simply missing one of the Cs. It's easy enough to check by
comparing a list of similar wars--or trying to date the content
intrinsically, which is what Joel did.


On 12/22/2010 3:43 PM, Mark Mandel wrote:
> Google's view of the title page (go to the cite
> link<http://books.google.com/books?id=3D6M8TAAAAYAAJ&pg=3DPA61&dq=3D%22cris=
> is%22&hl=3Den&ei=3DpF8STYGDHcL58Ab20OXuDQ&sa=3DX&oi=3Dbook_result&ct=3Dresu=
> lt&resnum=3D4&ved=3D0CDYQ6AEwAw#v=3Donepage&q=3D%22crisis%22&f=3Dfalse>
> and click on the thumbnail at the upper left) clearly shows the date as
> =3D 1 6  3  2
> I wasn't sure what you were basing your objection on, other than the "fl.
> 1739" for the author, or a knowledge of history greater than mine (which is
> no challenge at all.) But I see at the bottom of p. 124, "(CONCLUSION)":
> On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 2:30 PM, Joel S. Berson<Berson at att.net>  wrote:
>> At 12/22/2010 01:40 PM, Mark Mandel wrote:
>>> ...
>>> The list seems to have trouble with UTF-8; my long-s (=3DU+017f) + i, which I
>>> entered as separate characters, show up in your quote as
>>>> =EF=BF=BD=C6=92
>>> U+30ca, katakana /na/
>> I received Mark's message with i -- long-s -- i
>> clearly.  I have no idea why quoting and
>> returning it through the list server changes it.
>>> ...
>> But do you agree the title page is a
>> misprint?  (Perhaps beyond Google's arena of
>> responsibility, but perhaps something to add to
>> your correspondent's blog, particularly since it
>> eliminates this as an antedating.)
>> Joel

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