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Thu Dec 23 21:26:27 UTC 2010

Here are my suggestions:


David K. Barnhart


AQAP, al Qaida in the Arab Peninsula.

appraisal mill, a "puppy mill" for mortgages

augmented reality, data or images overlaying a real scene

blogerati, those that communicate through blogs

blowout preventer, device to stop an oil-well accident

charging pole (or station), place to recharge electric cars

cold seep, natural outflow of crude oil from sea floor

cybertraitor, a traitor who uses the Web

distracted driving, driving while texting, etc.

e-reader (or -ing), a computer for reading e-books

flashtrading (or -er), very short term investing trades

flopping (or -per or flop), dramatic display in soccer

gendercide, systematic extermination based on sex

Great Recession, what we're clawing out of still!

judicial monestary, secret life of the Supreme Court

malvertising (or -ment or -er), harmful ads

microblogging, blogs limited in length

microtarget, to send ads to a precise group

neocortical, intellectual

oil spill, specifically the failure of the blowout preventer in the Gulf of
Mexico April 20th

one over f,  a measure of pink noise

Palinism, a word invented by Sarah Palin

Poliwood, mixing of politics and Hollywood

robosigning, rapid processing of foreclosures

slow media, print media, etc.

tea bagger, a tea party advocate

top kill , plugging a runaway well from above

touchify, make computer screen touch-sensitive

underwater, worth less than one paid for

Wikileaked (or -ing, or -able), made public through WikiLeaks.

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