Happy Christmas vs. Merry Christmas

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It's Merry Christmas and generically Happy Holidays in USA as far as I know.  Also Happy New Year.
Listening to some Christmas songs I hear pronunciation ~Krismus soemtimes, but mostly it's ~Krismis.

My favorite tongue twister: "Which wrist watches are Swiss wrist watches."

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> My wife, daughter, and I went to a Christmas Eve brunch today which
> was attended by a largish group of Americans, Canadians, Brits, Irish,
> and Australians. The Americans, Canadians, Irish, and Australians said
> Merry Christmas, and the Brits (English and Scots, in this case) said
> Happy Christmas. In the past few years, I've noticed that English
> people (or at least English expats here in Switzerland) tend to say
> Happy Christmas. But I seem to remember that when I lived in England
> some twenty years ago, most people I knew said Merry Christmas. This
> is all unscientific, unrepresentative, and subjective, but I am
> wondering if there is a difference between Brits and other English
> speakers in this respect. Is it correct to generalize that Brits these
> days tend to say Happy Christmas (But Merry Christmas and a Happy New
> Year) and Americans Merry Christmas?
> Merry Christmas!
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