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Over the last five years, one sees "handcrafted" used to promote items
like fragrances, soaps, and teas. I don't think Jonathan exaggerated
the meaning of word in these contexts.


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> JL surely exaggerates re: what "handcrafted" means nowadays. Can't one just conclude that the ad he cites is misleading, given that "handcrafted" has to analyze as "crafted by hand" (as dictionaries suggest)?
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> OED ignores "handcrafted" in the mesmeric commercial sense of "carefully
> made or prepared according to industrial standards."  Celestial Seasonings,
> e.g., claims that its tea blends are "handcrafted."
> I suppose in the case of CS, it could mean that somewhere, at some time, a
> "blendmaster" (sic) mixed a little of this and a little of that by hand till
> he liked the taste.  Cool.  However, the usual connotation of "handcrafted"
> is that the very product you're holding was made by hand or with the
> personal attention of a living human to every detail.  Nowadays this is
> rarely the case.
> By "nowadays," I mean since the introduction of "handcrafted" to describe
> otherwise routinely manufactured items.
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