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The Bible says that Jesus chased vendors from the temple with a "handmade" whip.  As opposed to a factory-made one?

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> I am going to go contrarian on this one... I've been thinking about it
> since Jon's first post and even did a bit of checking myself. I recall
> seeing/hearing "handcrafted in X" where it made little sense because the
> object was obviously not made by hand. There was also some question as
> to what X was--it might have said "Handcrafted in America" (or Italy, or
> Germany, or Japan), then in fine print somewhere else suggested that it
> was "Made in China". And that, sort of, offers a clue.
> From the samples of "Handcrafted in X" that I've browsed through over
> the past couple of hours, most are /possibly/ genuinely
> handcrafted--jewelry, for example. Others are more questionable--e.g.,
> "sushi" pottery and chopstics that are "Handcrafted in
> China/Vietnam/Japan". Others are more certainly machine-made--100%
> acrylic pile "feels like silk" rugs with repetitive patterns
> "Handcrafted in China". The last two should suggest a pattern--to go
> with "Handcrafted in America. Made in China." It may well be an example
> of Chinglish that's spread to other things. Most of the time,
> "handcrafted" appearing where it normally wouldn't is simply a
> substitution for "crafted". That looks like a look-up problem more than
> a genuine intent to offer a new meaning. Even where the claim is
> "Handcrafted by skilled artisans", there is still a question of whether
> it really means /hand/crafted--example, Coach bags made in China; other
> leather goods. I am sure there are some items that are "Handcrafted in
> America/USA" that make you scratch your head as to how they might have
> been /hand/crafted, but, I suspect, you will find that the majority are
> "Handcrafted in China". Of course, there are some that are genuinely
> hand-made in Chinese sweatshops.
> In fact, there is a whole website dedicated to B2B connections for
> "Handcrafted in China".
> http://www.tradekey.com/ks-handcrafted-in-china/
> The first couple of pages of manufacturers include Power Transformers,
> Baseball Caps, [professional sports leagues] branded gear, something
> that's described as "package" but looks like windows ("our products all
> packaged by iron shelf , and then fixed by screws and sheet iron ,
> outside with waterproof membrane , and if transport by bulk, we will use
> triangle Surrounded and then outside with waterproof membrane.") Second
> page lists earbuds (headsets), clip-on hair extensions, desktop PCs,
> in-vitro diagnostic products, "cheap mobile phones" and "bone china"
> that looks more like stoneware. None of these, except for some "coral
> necklaces" on the first page look "handcrafted".
> In any case, you get the picture.
> VS-)
> On 12/27/2010 4:36 PM, Dan Goncharoff wrote:
> > If we are talking about fragrances, both sentences make a lot of
> > sense, but do not mean the same thing.
> >
> > I would expect something "handcrafted from the world's most luxurious
> > materials" to have been made, produced, manufactured by hand.
> >
> > A fragrance "handcrafted by the world's top-flight designers" will
> > have a formula developed from the personal taste of individuals who
> > are considered leading professionals. Nothing is necessarily being
> > promised, however, about the quality of manufacture, unless it is
> > mentioned.
> >
> > Here's an example:
> > http://hawaiiandays.com/AJI/shop.htm
> > "Buy this set of five classic handcrafted Hawaiian Ajith perfumes..."
> >
> > Elsewhere it says, "Ajith has done it again! Our treasured master
> > aroma therapist and parfumier, Ajith, has created 'Anjali,' (named
> > after his beloved daughter) a fresh, lushly-youthful island
> > fragrance..."
> >
> > DanG
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