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Chinglish is a name applied to poorly translated instructions from non-English speaking sources.

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>  From packaging:
> "Easy to Install: Replaces most locks with only a screwdriver
> "Fácil de instalar: Reemplaza la mayoría de las carraduras con tan sólo
> un destornillador"
> Usually, I replace locks with other locks or, in a pinch, with a piece
> of gum (just kidding, on the latter). But I've never replaced a lock
> with a screwdriver!
> Seriously, there is a perfectly plausible reading of this (which, I am
> sure, Ron would have pointed out if I did not). But it's not even the
> primary reading--and, I suspect, this would hold for most people. I am
> sure, there is a name for this, but it escapes me at the moment.
>      VS-)
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