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Sat Feb 6 15:42:41 UTC 2010

The latest update from cable charm school.  Not all new, but of interest:

"She hasn't even boned him yet!"  (Had sex with him.)

"Who'd a thunk it?"

"I'm goin' buggy!"  (Crazy.)

"You need a reality check right the fuckin' now!"

"We'd have a good time if you weren't so faded." (App. = intoxicated, poss.
fatigued, could be both!)

"Sorry her feelings were hurt! Viva *her*!"  (Sarcasm.)

 "Kate starts targeting me [by being unfriendly, sarcastic, etc.] like a bat
outta hell!"

"I'm on cloud nine. Leave me the hell alone."

"Say something, you scary-ass bitch!  You're all scary-ass bitches!"
(Physically very unattractive.)

"Kendra's...getting on my last nerve." (Trying my patience severely.)

"She coulda just knuckled up."  (Offered a fistfight.)

"I'm the only gangsta in the house!"  (Tough young lady.)

"People are gonna hate on her for the same reasons they hate on me."
(Dislike and treat meanly.)

"OMG! Like what the fuck is going on?"

"Go diggin' for gold, chickenheads!  Gold-diggin' assholes!"  (Sarcasm: Go
ye and seek well-to-do boy toys without me, O worthless women!
Well-to-do-boy-toy-seeking worthless ones!)

"What's the name of that disease that makes your feet swell up?"

Onomatologists:  One boy toy, in his early twenties, is named "Olamide":
/ o 'la m@ de /.  Another, ditto, is "Rodgdrick":  / 'raG drIk/.

Cruciverbalists: Rodgdrick (never shortened to "Rodge") may boast the only
array of consecutive "dgdr" yet reported in English.

Stay tuned.


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> At 7:45 PM -0500 1/25/10, Wilson Gray wrote:
> >Everyone knows that, in certain environments, _ass_ = _pussy_. In the
> >BE of '50's Saint Louis, _box_ also = _arse_. "I love you, baby / But
> >I'm crazy 'bout lollipops," refrain of a mildly-popular R&B silly-song
> >of the day, was parodied as "... / But I'm crazy 'bout yo' big box."
> >If it became necessary to clarify, since _box_ still retained its
> >historical meaning, "_mezzanine_ box" was used for "arse." This was
> >only very rarely the case, since _a big box_ = "a big arse" is easily
> >visible to the casual stare and a desirable asset <har! har!>, whereas
> >_a box_ in its original slang meaning is not not ordinarily visible,
> >nor is a *big* one desirable.
> >[...]
> Gives a whole new meaning to "Big Box Store".
> LH
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