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A more exciting possibility is that the Kings James Bible translators were
Shakespeare. Anyone who's read _Naked Came the Stranger_, by "Penelope
Ashe,"  knows that brilliant literature can be written by a committee! (It's
just like all the different parts of a brain meshing together!) We know the
translators did the Bible, so why couldn't they do "Shakespeare"?

If S. was such a prose&poetrymeister, why wasn't he *on* the KJV committee?
Because he *was* the committee and vice versa. That's why!



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> At 2/6/2010 05:09 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> >1993 Norrie Epstein _The Friendly Shakespeare_ (N.Y.: Penguin) 289: Edward
> >de now regarded as the leading contender to Shakespeare's crown
> >
> >Epstein doesn't claim that Edward, Earl of Oxford, really wrote
> >Shakespeare's plays; just that some people think so and, even though
> Oxford
> >died before some of the plays were supposedly written, you never can tell,
> >can you?
> Not from Google Books, which besides posthumous credit also confers
> prehumous credit.  (if the latter doesn't exist, it should.  8000 Google
> hits.)
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