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My most-at-hand reference defines a drupe:

"A fleshy, indehiscent fruit with a stony endocarp surrounding a usually
single seed, as in a peach or cherry."  p.32

and a pome:

"A fleshy, indehiscent fruit derived from an inferior, compound ovary,
consisting of a modified floral tube surrounding a core, as in an apple."

Both quotes are from:

"Plant Identification Terminology: An Illustrated Glossary"
James G. Harris and Melinda Woolf Harris, 1994
Spring Lake Publishing, Payson, UT

This may be much more illuminating and--to the point:

Yes, I find Apple Pome to be a very strange name, indeed.

Cherries, Peaches, Apples--and of course Roses are all in the same plant
family, Rosaceae, (not the skin disease), and do strongly resemble one
another once you've spent some time with them.


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> I am confused. I always thought a drupe was the correct term for
> single-seed non-nut "nuts", like the pistachio, which in some cases have
> swollen stalks that look a lot like apples, as with the cashew.
> DanG
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> > I stand corrected.  A too hasty glance @ on a word that I
> > didn't know, but many others apparently do..
> >
> > But that makes the street name even weirder, if an apple isn't classified
> as
> > "drupe", n'est-ce pas?
> >

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