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I'm researching a bit of phrasing that may or may not have a regional basis,
and am hoping someone can help. I write a waitress blog for AOL Food (
www.slashfood.com), and am developing a post about the various ways
customers place their orders. In the course of an evening, I'll typically
hear "I'll have..", "Can I get...", "You can bring me..." and "I'll
take...", among other popular formulations. I work at a restaurant in
Asheville, N.C., serving mostly tourists, so it's impossible to draw any
real conclusions (unscientific as they might be) based on my interactions.

I spoke to Joan Hall at DARE, and she suggested someone on this listserv
might have some insight. I'd greatly appreciate any information you might be
able to share.

Thanks so much!

Yours in good eats,

Hanna Raskin
hannaraskin at gmail.com

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