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I only had 1 paleography class as part of my graduate coursework in
Medieval Studies, so I'm no expert, but this sounds like hogwash to
me. I can check with Thems Wot Knows Better. I don't recall this at
all from my limited study of chancery cursive.

---Amy West

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>>  An article from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register,
>>  allegedly vol. 27 (April, 1893), p. 212.  It contains a very short
>>  letter from the "keeper of the manuscript department of the British
>>  Museum", saying that "the British legal handwriting of the middle
>>  ages has no capital f.  A double f (ff) was used to represent the
>>  capital letter."
>>  [Why no other doubled initial lower-case letters for capitals?  Not
>>  addressed.]

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