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> Perhaps some transcribers saw manuscript representations of a capital
> F (which naturally would *only* be in an initial position) that
> looked like two lower-case "f"s connected, treated it like symbols or
> other characters not in their fonts (e.g., like using a "y" for the
> thorn -- a *letter* replaced by a letter), and transcribed it as a
> double lower-case "ff".

What do you mean by "the thorn" -- is that the name of a typographic
symbol?  What does it look like? (The OED doesn't help with its entry
for "thorn").

> (1)  Can someone give me examples of adverbs formed from a noun and a
> preposition?  My vocabulary is failing me.

Doesn't a prepositional phrase often serve the purpose of an adverb?
He ran with speed.
He ran quickly.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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