Facebook has redefined via (?)

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 11 22:23:11 UTC 2010

It's not obvious from FB PR, but this is a recent addition. This only
happens when X clicks on "share this" on something that has been posted
by Y. Normally, I would have expected [From] Y * via X, but the full FB
syntax appears to be X [got this] * via Y. If you interpret it this way,
there is nothing new to "via". I've been using it on FB for a long time,
e.g., when posting the original links I got from other people or from
blogs. But the new part is the FB now does this automatically when you
click on "Share this" link.

Nothing to see here... there is no man behind the curtain...


On 2/11/2010 4:10 PM, Towse wrote:
> That's exactly it, Lisa. When I post a FB msg that includes something
> I got from someone else, I usually add a (via xyz) sort of tag to it
> so that others will know where I got the information -- a FB hattip
> [blogspeak], as it were.  If I start the msg out with via xyz, what
> shows up on FB is Sal via xyz yadda yadda.
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> Sal
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> On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 12:51 PM, Lisa Galvin<lisagal23 at hotmail.com>  wrote:
>> Perhaps the "via" refers to John's source of the message, rather than yours? That is, John received it via Mary from a third source, and then John posted it to you?
>>> Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 14:46:11 -0600
>>> From: bhneed at GMAIL.COM
>>> Subject: Facebook has redefined via (?)
>>> I am getting FB updates labeled X via Y where message is posted by X
>>> who got it from Y. (So if a link is put up marked John via Mary then
>>> John is a person you know and is the immediate source of the link; you
>>> may or may not know Mary and she is John's source). I can't get that
>>> and the OED definition does not seem to work either. I would have to
>>> say either John from Mary or Mary via John.
>>> Barbara
>>> Barbara Need
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