Now we have literary "mixing" too

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Sat Feb 13 17:17:45 UTC 2010

Now we have literary "mixing" too.  (Or perhaps
this is not new to ADS-Lers?)  I'm not sure
whether "mixing" as used in the headline, or
"mixes" as in the article, are sufficient for the
OED.  But perhaps it will spread -- or does it
exist already?.  (Hegemann, being German,
presumably has not said "mixing" in English.)
A version of this article appeared in print on
February 12, 2010, on page A4 of the New York
edition (it doesn't seem to be in the New England edition.)

Headline:  Author, 17, Says It's "Mixing," Not Plagiarism
BERLIN — It usually takes an author decades to
win fawning reviews, march up the best-seller
list and become a finalist for a major book
prize. Helene Hegemann, just 17, did it with her
first book, all in the space of a few weeks, and
despite a savaging from critics over plagiarism.
Although Ms. Hegemann has apologized for not
being more open about her sources, she has also
defended herself as the representative of a
different generation, one that freely mixes and
matches from the whirring flood of information
across new and old media, to create something
new. “There’s no such thing as originality
anyway, just authenticity,” said Ms. Hegemann in
a statement released by her publisher after the scandal broke.


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