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Certainly a useful word, IMO. But Eros the "god of _transformative_
love"? Whoa! And, since the 'Fiddies, I've been under the impression
that he was the god of... um, sexual intercourse, so to speak., the
name being derived from _eramai_ + NPGen, "I umlove NP," as opposed to
_phileo_ + NPAcc "I love NP." Memory often fails to rise to the
occasion. E.g., I now agree with Larry that what the Cardinals pitcher
said was "Youneverknow" and not "Whatcanyoudo?".

I think that I was thrown of by the fact that "You never know" also
occurs prominently in the SF story, Shall We Have a Little Talk?,
giving me that "They can't both be the *same*!" feeling.


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> A description or analysis of _eros_ , eroticism, or an erotic element;
> (also) a social, psychological, metaphysical, or other process involving
> such concepts.
> 1975-76 Christine Downing in _Jour. of the Amer. Acad. of Religion_ XLIV
> (Dec.) 629: Towards an Erotics of the Psyche....Because Eros is the god of
> transformative love, there is not only an erotics of the psyche but a
> psychotics of eros. _Ibid_. 638: [T]he human other...[is] the dimension that
> distinguishes an erotics of the psyche from a poetics or an aesthetics.
> 1983 John Rouse in _College English_ XLV (Oct., 1983) 535: An Erotics of
> Teaching.....Surely there is a seductive elemnt in the realtions we have
> with our students.
> 1993 Eric White in _Science Fiction Studies_ XX (Nov.) 394: The Erotics of
> Becoming: Xenogenesis and _The Thing_. Ibid. 407: From an "erotics of being"
> transpiring under the rubric of the "human" that abominates the body and
> materiality in general, XENOGENESIS arrives at an "erotics of becoming" that
> proposes the self-similar mutations of a subject-in-process as a way to
> reconcile the need for psychological structure with the possibility of
> embracing the flux of matter in motion.
> 2004 Purnima Mankekar & Louisa Schein in _Jour. of Asian Studies_ LXIII
> (May) 357: Introduction: Mediated Transnationalism and Social Erotics.
> _Ibid._ 358: [T]transnational erotics remixes sex and space, refashioning
> the most intimate of interiorities.
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