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Not in OED.

1907 Joseph Grasset _The Semi-Insane and the Semi-Responsible_ (trans. S. E.
Jelliffe) (N.Y.: Funk & Wagnalls) 149: J. Roux includes _phobophilia_ with
this, "a disease of those who can find sexual emotion only through fear."

1979 in Francis H. Thompson _The Frustration of Politics_  (Rutherford,
N.J.: Fairleigh Dickinson U.P.) 117:  They suffered what one critic
described as phobophilia: They were in love with their enemy.

1982 Robin Morgan _Depth Perception_ (N.Y.: Anchor Books) 26: Phobophilia
[title]. Do you smell smoke? / If you don't, it's not / because a tenement
isn't burning— / down the street, in Derry, Beirut, or San Salvador.

1992 Brenda Love _The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices_  (Ft. Lee,
N.J.:Barricade Books) 211:
The most common form of phobophilia is the type where a couple has sex in a
public place, risking discovery (agoraphilia).

1995 Penn Jillette & Teller _Phobophilia: The Love of Fear_ (film).

18,000 RGs.

"A love of fear or of a source of fear, often as a source of sexual

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