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>I've always realized that Gene McDaniels was black. OTOH, I was
>surprised to discover that Roy "The Houston Flash" Head and Tony Joe
>White were *not* black, nor did I realize that Lenny Welch and Ray
>Sharpe *were* black, till long after the time of their popularity.
>Youneverknow. Though, mostly, you do.

And even Joaquin Andujar wouldn't have nominated "youdon'talwaysknow"
as his favorite word in the English language.


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>>If you listen to Gene McDaniel's old hits, you'd never figure him
>>from his voice as a black man.  I just realized that yesterday, 50
>>years later.  From wikipedia...
>>McDaniels grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and went on to have six Top
>>40 hits in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The two that went into the
>>Top 5 were 1961's "Tower of Strength" (#5 on the pop chart) and "A
>>Hundred Pounds of Clay," the latter of which reached #3 on the pop
>>chart, and sold over one million records, earning gold disc
>>I wonder if kids today could identify the black singers from the
>>white singers in 60's music when they don't know the singers?
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