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But you knew that.

I'm paraphrasing someone, perhaps badly: "There are only two kinds of media
messages: _cool_ and _boring_.

Fill in the blanks:

Tiger Woods is  _cool_  because....

Fighting in Afghanistan (remember: _no_ soundtrack) and a nut who blows up a
building are _boring_ because....


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> If the purpose of this list can be overstretched to include commentary =
> on responsible broadcasting or the lack of it, I'm wondering if the =
> American journalistic tradition is well served by the current obsession. =
> =20
> CBS Morning News (and I'm betting the others, also) devoted the first 12 =
> minutes of today's broadcast to Tiger's upcoming apology, and then =
> followed it up ad nauseam with in-depth interviews with psychologists, =
> apology experts, wronged ex-wives, et al...at a time when the largest =
> recent operation in the war in Afghanistan, with many friendly =
> casualties is underway (no mention at all), a suicide plane flies into =
> an IRS building (secondary story).
> Is this defensible?
> Bill Palmer
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