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At 2/19/2010 01:36 AM, Judy Prince wrote:
>Which of the following sentences would you rattle off without thinking?

You're asking us to think about what we would say without
thinking?  I think I can't do that.  But I can respond after thinking:

>Group A:
>1.  I and Bob won't fight.
           Only if I started out "I ..." -- thinking a sentence like,
e.g., "I won't fight Bob" -- and then altered the rest.
>2.  Bob and I won't fight.           Yes
>3.  Bob and me won't fight.
>4.  Me and Bob won't fight.
>Group B:
>1.  She told Bob and I.
>2.  She told I and Bob.
>3.  She told Bob and me.            Yes.
>4.  She told me and Bob.
>Group C:
>1.  You agree with she.
>2.  You agree with her.               Yes
>3.  You agree with her and me.   Yes
>4.  You agree with me and her.   Yes, but less frequently
>5.  You agree with she and I.
>6.  You agree with I and she.
           Have you omitted the following?  Math tells me there are 8
7.    You agree with her and I.   This seems frequent, but not mine.
8.    You agree with I and her.
9.    You agree with she and me.
10.  You agree with me and she.

But then I've been told my speech is pretentious.
U.S.A., New York City bred.

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