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Of course it is defensible, we no longer have bread dispensing
locations, and no one will allow 'the games' anymore, but perhaps lions
and  muslins might be a big draw.

Bill Palmer wrote:
> If the purpose of this list can be overstretched to include commentary on responsible broadcasting or the lack of it, I'm wondering if the American journalistic tradition is well served by the current obsession.
> CBS Morning News (and I'm betting the others, also) devoted the first 12 minutes of today's broadcast to Tiger's upcoming apology, and then followed it up ad nauseam with in-depth interviews with psychologists, apology experts, wronged ex-wives, et al...at a time when the largest recent operation in the war in Afghanistan, with many friendly casualties is underway (no mention at all), a suicide plane flies into an IRS building (secondary story).
> Is this defensible?
> Bill Palmer
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