In a rectangular grid, all roads lead where?

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>Refers to the multiple Elvis sightings so so common in eastern Canada

8-)  And when they all came together in the capital of Nova Scotia,
one stood at the end of each of the straight-lined streets.

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>In The King's Three Faces: The Rise & Fall of Royal America,
>1688--1776 (2006), page 128, Brendan McConville wrote, speaking of
>the design of a capital for Nova Scotia:
>"At the town's center was to be a 'spacious Square, with an
>Equestrian Statue of his present Majesty in the Center of it.' The
>streets were 'all built in straight lines, crossing one another at
>right angles.' In this town, all roads would lead to the king."
>Brendan McConville is a professor of history -- clearly not of
>Euclidean geometry -- at Boston University.
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