Robin Hamilton robin.hamilton2 at BTINTERNET.COM
Sat Feb 20 00:04:12 UTC 2010

Hey, Bill, maybe we should start a Union?

Independent Scholars of the World, Unite!

Think they'd even notice us?  Probably not, but we could at least exchange
horror stories.

My impression was that things were looser in the US than the UK.  I
currently have some access to a local US library via my partner, who has a
card as a Friend of the Library, but if they start *enforcing the "staff and
students" rule ...

At the moment, the difference is between Very Difficult (US) and Virtually
Impossible (UK).

Helluvaway to have to conduct scholarship -- who was it said that
information yearned to be free?


> I guess I'm one of those "independent scholars".  I've been lucky in
> arranging access (by paying out of my own pocket) to ProQuest Hist
> Newspapers (most of them, anyway), Nineteenth Cent Newspapers,
> Newspaperarchive, Newsbank Historical Newspapers and a couple of others,
> and through the Army Lab that I work for, I get some of the
> general-purpose ones (like ProQuest ABI/INFORM) and the technical ones.
> But danged if I can find a way into JSTOR, and the others that Robin
> mentions, or HeinOnline, Westlaw, LoisLaw, Factiva, or Lexis/Nexis.

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