Alexander Haig, continued

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The rest of the Guardian piece:

"At first it seemed that the General was impenetrabling what at basic was clear.  This, it was suppositioned, was a new linguistic, harbingered by NATO during the time he bellwethered it. But close observers have alternatived that idea.  What Haig is doing, they concept,  is to decouple the Russians from everything they are moded to. An example was to obstacle Soviet ambassador Dobrynin from personalizing the private elevator at Foggy Bottom.  Now he has to communal, like everyone else.  Experts in the Kremlin thought they could recognition the word-forms of American diplomacy.  Now they have to afreshyly language themselves up  before they know what the Americans are subtling. They are like chess grandmasters suddenly told to knight their bishops and to rook their pawns.  If that is how the General wants to nervous breakdown the Russian leadership, he may be shrewding his way to the biggest diplomatic invent since Clausewitz.  Unless, that is, he schizophrenes his allies first."

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